About eBotho Cyberspace


eBotho Cyberspace is a public education campaign that began in Botswana in 2020 to raise awareness on cyber threats and promote responsible, safe and meaningful use of digital technologies, mainly the internet.

The Initiative is the brainchild of InFuture Foundation, a non-profit organisation that promotes positive mindset change through media campaigns.

As societies increasingly adopt the use digital technologies for everyday life activities, exposure to cyber threats is equally on the rise.

The eBotho Cyberspace Campaign therefore works to sensitise internet users on cyber security threats as they emerge and pose danger to users and data.

This is with the aim of preventing harms from such threats as online scams and fraud, account and devise hackings, identity theft, human trafficking, children’s rights violations and misinformation, among others.

The eBotho Cyberspace Campaign develops and runs educational messages about these threats on mediums such as web(including social media) radio, television, newspapers, posters and fliers. Expertise is also shared regularly through news commentary on various news mediums.

Campaign Objectives

 Research:                              Conduct research on online habits and gather insights that can be used to inform                                                                   educational programmes and policies.

Educate:                                  Develop in school and out of school educational programmes targeting different                                                                     demographics.

Produce/Publish:               Produce and publish educational media in various forms. i.e broadcast, print and                                                                   digital.

Collaborate:                          Collaborate with organisation with interest in human development and technology use.