BizTech Africa – eBotho and Partners to Launch Cyber Smart Challenge



25, Sept. 2020 – A consortium of organisations including the eBotho Cyber Campaign, the European Union through Cyber4Dev, the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) and the Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) have announced the launch of the Cyber Smart BW Challenge, a campaign that is designed to help young people understand the risks posed in cyberspace and what they can do to protect themselves. The event will begin on Monday the 28th of September.

The campaign is in response to the explosion of cyber threats in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in more people going online to communicate and to study, the organisers say. Hackers have also perceived the explosion of people going online as an opportunity, and Batswana are no different in feeling the impact of increased cyberattacks.

The campaign uses radio, television, print and online platforms to encourage people to be sensitive to cyber threats and to teach them about safe and secure ways of using the internet.

The eBotho Cyber Campaign is an initiative that was launched earlier this year by InFuture Foundation to promote awareness on Botswana citizens on risks posed by cyberspace and thereby promote safe, responsible and productive use of the Internet.

“One of the ways the eBotho Campaign does this is through a weekly radio show on RB 2, where we bring in experts to talk about cybersecurity in relation to their field. That is, cybercrime, cyber fraud, cyber bullying,” said David Moepeng of eBotho during a pre-event interview with BizTech Africa.

Moepeng also gives credit to eBotho’s partners in the Cyber Smart Challenge: “We are happy to receive support from institutions such as Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority, Universal Service Access Fund and the EU Funded Cyber4Dev Project. The support goes a long way in making sure that as society increasingly adopts digital technologies, awareness on safe and secure ways of using these tools is not left behind.” 

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