Botswana Makes Strides Towards Cybersecurity Preparedness

Botswana is making strides towards cybersecurity preparedness.
This was revealed by the Minister of Transport and Communications Thulagano Segokgo when delivering his ministry’s budget proposal for 2021-2022 in parliament yesterday.
Minister Segokgo outlined several milestones that have been achieved as part of efforts to secure Botswana’s cyberspace.
These include the adoption of the National Cybersecurity Strategy by cabinet in October 2020 and the establishment of a National Computer Incident Response Team(CIRT) whose purpose is to secure the country’s critical infrastructure and to safeguard public when they are online.
Segokgo indicated that the CIRT will be responsible for advising and responding to cyber security breaches, viruses and other potentially harmful cyber threats that may affect regulated entities.
“workforce comprising of several engineers for the CIRT has already been recruited and trained” Segokgo said.
He added that the implementation plan for the National Cybersecurity Strategy was being refined to focus on priority areas such as enacting cybersecurity laws.

“BW-CIRT will coordinate sectoral CIRTs, National Cybersecurity Advisory Council and serve as a point of contact for International partners on matters of cyber security. To fast track the establishment of BW-CIRT, my Ministry is exploring the conversion of the established COMM-CIRT into BW-CIRT. Other sectors of the economy will also establish their own sectoral CIRTs. Currently, Botswana is exploring collaborative efforts with EU cyber for Development (EU Cyber-4-Dev) to develop the cyber security law” – Minister Segokgo.