Government urged to establish a regulatory authority dedicated to matter of cyberspace and digitalization

The Chairperson of the Botswana Editors Forum, Spencer Mogapi has called for the establishment of a regulatory authority dedicated to matters of cyberspace and digitalization.

Mogapi made this call when officially closing a 2-day Media Workshop on Cybersecurity on 25th November 2020.

He said the proposed authority will be tasked with matters of policy, regulatory and governance.

Mogapi noted that Botswana has made its ambitions known of becoming a digitalization hub, something he said would bring enormous economic opportunities for the country.

However, he noted that such a transformation would come with challenges.

“It will also bring and attract all kinds of negative elements that use cyber as a platform for their nefarious activities” he said.

Mopai said it was therefore important to have an open and robust debate around the adequacy of Botswana preparedness, the adequacy of digital policies especially on such matters as law, cybercrime, tax, fake news and others.

Meanwhile, Mogapi expressed appreciation of the training workshop saying it will go a long way in equipping journalists with the necessary understanding to report on cyber issues from an informed point of view.

“We need more and more training. A few years ago we carried out a skills audit for the media in Botswana. The audit revealed a glaring dearth of skills in key areas such as Finance Reporting, Trade Reporting, finance Reporting and economics Reporting. It was also clear that we needed to train more” he said.