Partnership between BOCRA and InFuture Foundation on eBotho Campaign hailed as a success

The Acting CEO of Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority(BOCRA), Aaron Nyelesi has hailed a partnership between his organisation and InFuture Foundation in raising public awareness on cybersecurity issues as a success.

Nyelesi was speaking a media workshop on cybersecurity in Gaborone on 24 November 2020.

“BOCRA has partnered with inFuture Foundation, to spread awareness on cyber issues. To date a series of media roadshows focusing on what we termed as ‘eBotho’ i.e. digital citizenship have been conducted. These were topped up with CyberSmart BW campaign where consumers competed on their level of understanding of cyber issues and were awarded prizes” he said.

Nyelesi added “We are happy that these initiatives have been successful and demonstrate the power of collaboration.  The activities I have just referred to are just a slice of the work that is cut out for us, the policy maker, policy implementor and you, the media. Today, we reach out to the media with an appeal for joining hands to enhance public protection”

Meanwhile, Nyelesi also noted that cabinet has approved the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which is intended to ensure safety, protect businesses and consumers and inspire trust and confidence when online.

“As media, again, this is where your critical role to educate and inform the public will be called for” he said.

Nyelesi stated that there are several other industry-led connectivity initiatives that have given communities access to cyberspace more than ever before.

This, he said, has meant that Batswana have become a part of the information society at an accelerated pace as they gain increased access to ICTs. He added that as a result, cyber awareness has becomes more critical than ever before.

“Consumers require adequate information to avoid unscrupulous cybercriminals taking advantage of them. Its ironic that the same ICTs that provide access to information, services and goods, are the same tools that cyber criminals use to attack, misinform and disinform. Be our trusted sources. Be our safety nets and be our eyes and ears” said Nyelesi.