Media workshop on cybersecurity hailed as a timely effort towards public education on cybersecurity

Board member of the Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority(BOCRA), Dr Gape Kaboyakgosi has hailed a media workshop held in Gaborone recently as a timely contribution to efforts by the Botswana government to protect  and secure the country’s cyberspace.

Dr Kgaboyakgosi was officiating at a Media Workshop on Cybersecurity in Gaborone on 24th November 2020 on behalf of the Minister of Transport and Communications Thulagano Segokgo.

The Workshop was hosted by the eBotho Cyberspace Initiative in partnership with BOCRA and supported by the EU Mission in Botswana.

Its main objective was to raise awareness among the media on cybersecurity issues affecting internet users globally and locally so they could report effectively on such issues.

“We have observed a rising number of Batswana who go into the cyberspace for business transaction, social interaction and inclusive participation in decision making. This scores of people needs to be empowered through effective reporting to act responsible in space overflowing with notoriety”  said Dr Kaboyakgosi.

He added that as the internet was increasingly assuming center stage in the way that people connect with one another, be it in social, professional or other settings, government has respond swiftly to make the interaction of Batswana on the cyberspace secure and safe.

“Several policy frameworks have been enacted to protect and promote safe use of the internet for business and social interaction. In addition to these policy frameworks, government has recently approved the National Cybersecurity Strategy to bolster our effort to make our cyberspace secure” revealed Dr Kaboyakgosi.

However, Dr Kaboyakgosi noted that Batswana seemed to lack awareness on existing legal and policy frameworks on internet use and  appealed to the media to educate Batswana on all these policies and repercussions of violating them.

“Abuse of the cyberspace by criminal and other ill intended people is of great concern for us.  Our reliance on the internet for business and social interaction is inevitable during this trying times of COVID-19. Evidence already shows that a high proportion of Batswana use the internet for business transaction, social interaction and work. The need to protect these scores of people has become an imperative necessity for all of us” He said.

He added “The advent of internet has caused escalation of issues of identity theft, fraud, bullying, child pornography, defamation and libel. While some are done intention, a few are out of ignorance of the law and consequence. We expect this workshop to empower you to mitigate this gaps created by ignorance and greed”